Fletcher House Residents Make the Most of Summer

This summer, residents of Fletcher House–our Community Residence/Single Room Occupancy designed to help adult clients transition from chronic homelessness or long-term hospitalization to independent living–were given the opportunity to take a day trip to Six Flags Great Adventure.

The trip was organized and made possible by Fletcher House summer intern and Columbia graduate student Peiyi Woo. Peiyi set up a Crowdrise page and raised $1,000 to pay for the Six Flags trip and other successful summer outings for the residents, which included trips to the beach and the zoo.


Fletcher House’s Resident Council, comprised entirely of volunteers, also helped to set up this trip and other trips throughout the summer. The excursions allowed residents to get out of the building and enjoy some beautiful summer days, without having to worry about having the money or means of transportation to make it possible.


“Everyone came together and had a great time. We should organize every event the way we did for Six Flags,” wrote one resident on a post-event survey. Residents were given the chance to socialize and build a sense of community while having some fun. After the trip, they reflected on the day and thought of ways to make the next one even better. 

In a post-trip survey, all residents who went to the Six Flags trip said that the trip was well organized and that the staff and Resident Council made ample preparations for the trip. The residents also said that they received sufficient information through a pre-trip meeting, which was jointly organized by the staff and Resident Council.

Project Renewal would like to thank Peiyi and the Resident Council for all of their hard work and thoughtfulness, and everybody who contributed on the Crowdrise page for their generosity.