The ScanVan Saves Lives: Janet's Story

Janet started coming to the ScanVan in 1997 because she didn’t have insurance to cover her mammogram. Our professional, compassionate service has kept her coming back ever since.

Originally from St. Lucia, she has lived in New York City for 37 years, managing homes until she retired a few years ago.

The ScanVan nurses and staff provide knowledgeable and compassionate care

The ScanVan nurses and staff provide knowledgeable and compassionate care

Even when Janet became eligible for Medicare, she continued to get mammograms at the ScanVan because the staff “are very knowledgeable. They are very careful to explain everything and make me comfortable,” says Janet.

“The nurses assured me they would call immediately if anything happened,” she says. After her most recent appointment, Janet did receive a call —a small abnormal growth was found on her left breast.

Fortunately, her cancer has been detected early. The staff quickly set up appointments on her behalf with a highly-recommended doctor who takes her Medicare plan.

Every year, the ScanVan serves more than 4,600 women at 240 sites citywide, including immigrant communities and homeless shelters with unique healthcare barriers. Hundreds of early cancers, like Janet’s, have been detected at the ScanVan —and hundreds of lives have been saved.

Despite her diagnosis, Janet is optimistic about the future. “Although I am apprehensive about the results, because of the care and support I receive at the ScanVan, I am confident that everything will work out.”