Free Mammograms on Staten Island this Sunday

Women (both insured and uninsured) who have not received a mammogram in the last year and are over age 40 can receive a free mammogram this Sunday on Staten Island. The van will be located outside Assemblyman Michael Cusick’s office at 1911 Richmond Ave., Bulls Head, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. To schedule an appointment, call 800-564-6868.

The mobile radiology clinic will feature mammographies and clinical breast exams as well as instruction on breast self-examination. Additionally this program provides no cost follow up diagnostic services for an abnormal finding and treatment should a cancer be found. Insured women can also be screened using their insurance and no other out of pocket expense( ie co-pay or deductable) If you want more information on this program call 718-226-6447.

Please note that an appointment is needed. For availability at other times and in other boroughs please check Project Renewal’s ScanVan site here.