HOPE volunteers find over 3,000 homeless New Yorkers living on streets and in subways

What is the HOPE Survey?

In February New York City’s Department of Homeless Services and hundreds of volunteers completed its annual point-in-time HOPE census of the unsheltered homeless population, first conducted in 2005. The report details changes in the count of unsheltered homeless men and women by borough, and identifies whether they are found living in the subway stations and trains underground or at street level.

View report from NYC DHS

What does this mean for Project Renewal?

At Project Renewal we focus on serving the hardest to reach homeless men and women—those with mental illness, drug addiction, or both. These clients are most often homeless without shelter (those represented by the HOPE Survey) or are among the 11,000 single adults living in emergency housing.

So what can you do to help?

Four nights every week we partner with Manhattan Outreach Consortium to increase outreach to homeless men and women not in shelters by providing primary care through our medical vans.

These mobile clinics bring healthcare to homeless men and women where they are, delivering primary care to those who are also struggling with mental illness and addiction.

Mobile Medical Van Visit Winter 2013

On those nights, healthcare providers seek out street homeless clients in places where they gather including behind the Port Authority Bus Terminal and the Harlem Y.  The goal is to treat health needs before they escalate to emergency room visits and to encourage patients to seek ongoing care ideally in a residential treatment program.

What can your gift do today?


Provides needed items such as socks and sweatshirts, which ensures follow-up visits for continued care


Stocks the MedVan with first aid and over-the-counter medications for a week


Covers an OraQuick HIV/AIDS test and counseling


Gives 25 patients access to the MedVan, our mobile clinic that provides healthcare, psychiatry, lab testing, and pharmacy all in one van

Mobile Medical Van Visit Winter 2013