News: Culinary Arts Training Program Graduates 66th Class

A Culinary Arts Graduate Takes His Knives

Last Friday 23 more graduates of our Culinary Arts Training Program (CATP) received a new set of knives, firm handshakes from their teachers, and the promise that “we will stay with you, we will continue to help you.”

From their former life on the streets to this celebration on the Bowery these formerly homeless men and women have much to be proud of, and much to look forward to. Over half get jobs right out of the program, and even in this struggling economy over half are employed 6 months later.

Even in today’s job market the students are finding employment and employers are keeping them, despite an industry that sees the highest turnover (by far) than any other industry.

Our unique training program is designed to train formerly homeless men and women in entry level kitchen skills and help them get and keep jobs in the food service industry. This program includes training in customer service and other life skills necessary for our student’s continued success in the industry.

We are so proud of their continued accomplishments in not only graduating from the program but in turning their lives around. Congrats Grads!