RISE Strategic Plan on Tour

By Patrick Germain

Mitchell Netburn, our President & CEO, and I are going around to every Project Renewal and MBMC site to hold RISE Implementation Forums where we are talking about our Strategic Plan, and hearing from all staff on how RISE can be implemented across the organization.  So far, we have talked with over 200 staff, and we are only about a third of the way done!    

So far, we have met with the EDC team, Fort Washington Men’s Shelter, Leona Blanche House, Geffner House, Parole Support and Treatment Program, Next Step, and half of the Varick Street administrative staff.  We are scheduled to go to the other programs in the next couple of weeks and we can’t wait to talk to you all about this!

In these Forums, we are having discussions about each of the strategic priorities that make up R.I.S.E (Recommit, Integrate, Strengthen, Expand) and we are collecting ideas from all staff about how Project Renewal can achieve those goals.  We have heard some great ideas and hearing the passion and dedication that all of our staff have is truly humbling and inspiring.  Mitchell and I are excited to have this opportunity to listen to the great ideas that everyone has.  I want to say a big thank you to the people who have helped organize this and to everyone for participating, and I am looking forward to updating everyone on some of the next steps for our strategy once we finish these RISE Implementation Forums!

Stay tuned for more information about how you can be involved in helping Project Renewal RISE into the future.