Meet New Providence Women's Shelter

Meet some of the staff of New Providence Women’s Shelter, working tirelessly to keep homeless women with mental health and substance use issues fed, warm, safe, healthy and housed on their journey to permanent homes.

New Providence 004

Residential Aide Jamell Coach and Program Aide Supervisor John Brown

New Providence 038
New Providence 073

Roberto Muyet – Asst. Building Manager.

New Providence Women's Shelter

Rasheda Smith – MTC Senior Case Manager.

New Providence Women's Shelter

Deanna Emezue – MTC Case Manager

New Providence 111

Andrea Saunders – Housing Specialist

New Providence 112

Chenay Aziz – Entitlement Specialist.

New Providence 113

Assistant Director Lorraine Garcia and Program Aide Supervisor John Brown

New Providence Women's Shelter

Patrick Pierre – Clinical Director.

New Providence 140

Sam Govorcin  - Recreation Specialist

Free Mammograms on Staten Island this Sunday

Women (both insured and uninsured) who have not received a mammogram in the last year and are over age 40 can receive a free mammogram this Sunday on Staten Island. The van will be located outside Assemblyman Michael Cusick’s office at 1911 Richmond Ave., Bulls Head, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. To schedule an appointment, call 800-564-6868.

The mobile radiology clinic will feature mammographies and clinical breast exams as well as instruction on breast self-examination. Additionally this program provides no cost follow up diagnostic services for an abnormal finding and treatment should a cancer be found. Insured women can also be screened using their insurance and no other out of pocket expense( ie co-pay or deductable) If you want more information on this program call 718-226-6447.

Please note that an appointment is needed. For availability at other times and in other boroughs please check Project Renewal’s ScanVan site here.