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Comfort Foods Catering

At Comfort Foods, our goal is to not just provide you with food and dining services but to create menus that are lovingly prepared and beautifully presented!

Comfort Foods is a social purpose business operated by Project Renewal, a non-profit organization providing health, homes and jobs to formerly homeless New Yorkers. Along with providing great food, we fulfill an important social service by creating jobs for graduates of our award-winning Culinary Arts Training Program. 

We have experience.  

Since 1997 we have grown from a small catering operation doing in-house events into a full scale business with 25 employees.

We give you the menu you want.  

We custom tailor our services delivering low-sodium, low-fat or vegetarian options, whether in bulk or pre-plated for a group of six or six hundred. 

We are competitive.

As a not-for-profit business, our costs are low.  Our mission is to create jobs for unemployed New Yorkers, not take hefty profits out of your budget. Plus, unlike many of our competitors, Comfort Foods creates meals from scratch, using fresh, healthy ingredients and giving you more value for your money. Our unique catering expertise combined with our small organization size, allows us to provide high quality fare and flexible services at competitive prices.

We are responsive.  

As a small, cutting-edge business, we are devoted to personalized service and giving you the attention you deserve.  We care about making you happy. Our staff is always available to answer your questions and respond to the ever-changing needs of your clients.

We invite you to sample our fine cooking and to meet with us to design a menu that fits your needs. To discuss our complete range of services and options, please contact Barbara Hughes at 212-533-8400 x 162 or  We look forward to serving you.