Project Renewal provides medical care during every step of the path to recovery.  Our end-to-end approach begins on the streets, where our primary care vans address the medical needs of homeless adults. Men and women at our shelters work towards stable health through regular visits to our shelter-based primary care clinics. Residents of our transitional and permanent housing have access to comprehensive medical services, including a dental and optometry clinic, to promote long-term health and wellness.  Our healthcare program is predicated on the model of meeting homeless patients where they areServices are accessible, welcoming, and non-judgmental in order to promote patient follow-up and long-term wellness.  

I got lucky and ended up in [Project Renewal’s] Kenton Hall Shelter. I was there for 9-10 months. I had HEP C so I was dealing with that down at Kenton Hall. I had a bed pass the whole time I was there because I needed extensive care. It takes a lot out of you. It’s like chemo. One flight of steps then you are winded. I was doing the treatment and I was with the nurse. It worked out pretty good. Project Renewal saved my life with that.
— Luis Garcia