The answer to homelessness seems obvious: a home!  But for those struggling with mental illness and addiction, a home is not enough.  They need ongoing medical treatment, counseling, recovery support, and jobs to become self-sufficient.  Project Renewal's residences integrate medical care and support services to ensure our clients have access to the comprehensive and ongoing help they need.  Our innovative housing model works: 85% of our tenants have lived successfully in their own apartments for three years or more. 

When I got to Project Renewal’s Third Street Shelter there was a guy, we had been upstate together in prison, he said ‘They’re serious about helping us out man, I’ve been here 6 months and I got my apartment, I’m moving out.’ He showed me his keys. He said ‘you just gotta do what you gotta do man, they’ll handle the rest.’ So I looked at that and said ok, I’m serious about it, and I just didn’t look back. Project Renewal gave me a chance and stood next to me and they’re still next to me.
— Harry Dickerson