For the elderly, challenges associated with homelessness are amplified by chronic medical conditions, cognitive decline, limited mobility, and isolation. In 2015, to preserve independence and quality of life for formerly homeless seniors, we launched Tools for Aging in Place (TAP).

TAP’s integrated support services include wellness monitoring technology, occupational therapy groups, and social activities. A wholly new and replicable approach to caring for formerly homeless seniors living in poverty, TAP reduces the use of costly emergency services, nursing homes, and hospitals – and keeps seniors living in their homes with dignity.


  • 25 participants enrolled in TAP.
  • 100% of TAP clients have increased contact with Project Renewal medical services since enrolling in the program.

Client Story: Lee


For much of his life, Lee has had to do things on his own. Estranged from his family, the 72-year-old formerly homeless man has lived at Project Renewal’s Geffner House since 2000. With his physical and mental health declining, Lee became increasingly unable to care for himself – and increasingly isolated.

That’s changed, thanks to TAP. Now, with new wellness monitoring technology in his apartment, Lee feels safer. He participates in occupational therapy groups where he learns life skills, like how to make healthy choices when shopping. Best of all, he has made friends with his fellow residents at TAP’s classes and social activities. “I like the groups because they teach me things I can do for myself, and I get to meet other people,” Lee says.