Our Trustees, Senior Staff and Program and Site Directors do more than keep the trains running on time, they are investors, innovators and mentors to the over 700 staff that make Project Renewal what it is.

Board of Trustees



Senior Staff


senior staff collage.jpg

Senior Staff


Mitchell Netburn, President & CEO

R. Aaron La Mar

Allison Grolnick

Doug Warn

Ernie Talbot

Jessica Amsterdam

Kiltie Bedford

Monica Roquitte

Patrick Germain

Roseann Viglione

Roslynn Glicksman

Stephanie Cowles

Steven Jones

Susan Dan

Program and Site Contact

Area Maintenance
Ernie Talbot

Clinton Residence
Gricel Okazaki

Chemical Dependence Crisis Services
Luis Abreu

Comfort Foods Catering
Barbara Hughes

Culinary Arts Training Program
Barbara Hughes

Fletcher Residence
Peter Bazeley

Fort Washington Men's Shelter
Etta Graham

Geffner House
Kiltie Bedford

In Homes Now
Katie Bower

Kenton Hall Men's Shelter
Ana Charle

Leona Blanche House
Peter Bazeley

New Providence Women's Shelter
Dimitra Gianacopoulos

Next Step Employment Program
Monica Roquitte

Doug Warn

Parole Support & Treatment Program
Robert Blocker

Performance Evaluation & Quality Assurance
Patrick Germain

Recovery Center
Tom Cirolia

Renewal Farm
David Harrington

Renewal House
Dewett Wilson

Safe Haven
Belinda Bernard

ScanVan Mobile Radiology Clinic
Mary Solomon

St. Nicholas Residence
Vanessa Glover

Third Street Men's Shelter
Shannon Potts