RISE: Our 5 Year Vision

Project Renewal will increasingly focus its efforts and resources on meeting the primary and behavioral health care, housing, and employment needs of two core populations: the most vulnerable chronically homeless individuals and the most long-term or frequent users of institutional settings who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness.



...by targeting existing and new programs to homeless adults with mental health and substance abuse issues; expanding our target population to include vulnerable subpopulations such as medically needy older clients, veterans, adults reuniting with their children, and individuals recently released from prison.

1. integrate.jpg

...by further developing our physical and behavioral healthcare capacity; identifying and removing organizational barriers to coordination, facilitating inter- and intra- agency communication; developing new integrated service delivery models; and other customized solutions to meet the needs of our target population, improve the overall client experience, and improve client outcomes.

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...by building the capacity of the human services department and programs to attract, develop, and retain high quality staff at all levels; by defining and measuring success and building capacity for evaluative processes that improve our services and operations; and by building our capacity to use technology for more efficient and effective services and operations.

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...by growing our existing programs and services as well as developing new ones including supportive housing development, expanded job training services and social ventures, programs that reflect the new reality of healthcare and care coordination, and service programs to meet the needs of the new vulnerable subpopulations we are targeting.