Residential Aide Supervisor, East Third Street

Position Description

Project Renewal is a non-profit organization with the mission of ending the cycle homelessness by empowering men and women struggling with addiction and/or mental illness to rebuild their lives with renewed health, homes, and jobs.

Title:  Residential Aide Supervisor

Program: East Third Street Men’s Shelter

Overall Responsibilities

Under the general direction of the Assistant Shelter Director, with some latitude for independent action, the Residential Aide Supervisor directs a staff of Residential Aides in providing direct assistance to the clients in adhering to the rules and regulations of the shelter; performs related work.

Program Description

East Third Street is an emergency men’s shelter which  helps 170 individuals with substance abuse histories work towards health, sobriety, and, ultimately, permanent housing and employment.  In addition to lodging and three meals a day, clients receive comprehensive case management services, plus an array of on-site substance abuse related and health care services provided by different programs; such as Medically Supervised Outpatient Withdrawal Services, (MSOWS), Chemical Dependency Crisis Service (CDCS), and Outpatient Recovery Center.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Depending upon the shift, the essential duties of the Residential Aide Supervisor include but are not limited to the following activities:

·  Provides guidance and direction to the Resident Aides ensuring adequate coverage for each shift; monitoring their performance and initiating administrative action as warranted.

·   Provides training of staff through on-site sessions as well as referrals to outside training sources.

·  Oversees the operation of the facility, including handling emergency and crisis situations during their tour of duty.

·  Provides orientation for new arrivals, informing them of shelter rules and regulations, giving them a tour of the facility, assigning a locker and a bed, and giving them their basic supplies, including sheets, towels and toiletries.   

·  Participates in daily meetings and shares any observations on the behavior of clients that might be useful to the Case Managers.

·   Oversees scheduled removal of linens by the Residential Aides, ensuring that proper protective protocols are followed and that the linens are properly bagged for pick up by the vendor contracted to launder them.

·    Assists in the cafeteria with meals being served to clients at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

·     Assist the weekend and evening clinical staff in getting clients access to their medications and responding to client issues.




Residential Aide Supervisor Position Description

Essential Duties and Responsibilities Continued.

· Ensures that any incident is recorded in the Log Book, but especially that priority incidents are called in to the Shelter Director and Assistant Shelter Director and that documentation is subsequently provided to supervisory staff in a timely manner.

·  Performs escort duties or ensures escorts are provided to clients as requested by the Case Managers.


Physical Activities

Job duties generally require the physical activities described below, subject to any necessary reasonable accommodation due to disability. While performing the duties of this position, the Residential Aide Supervisor must walk up and down ten steps in order to enter and exit the facility. In the event that elevator service is interrupted, the Residential Aide Supervisor may also have to walk between the nine floors of the facility, sub-basement to roof, climbing up and down the staircases, totaling 174 steps, and may also be required to walk the exterior of the facility, in order to observe staff in the performance of their duties as well as observe client behavior. Furthermore, must stand to talk to clients or staff, sit for extended periods of time at the computer, and reach or squat to get records from the files.

Education Requirements

1. Associate Degree plus experience as outlined in item 1 below, or

2. High School Diploma or GED plus experience as outlined in item 2 below.  

Experience Requirements

1. Minimum of one (1) year of experience working with people diagnosed with mental illness or having addiction or substance abuse issues. 

2. Minimum of two (2) years of experience working with people diagnosed with mental illness or having addiction or substance abuse issues.  

Certificates and Credentials

Fire Guard certification F-02 or Fire Safety Coordinator F-80                                                                    

Preferred Skills

Team Building: Ability to foster, through demonstration, a team spirit, enabling staff to overcome the challenges of providing needed services to a special client population.

Interpersonal: An ability to listen attentively to staff and clients and to constructively diffuse a tense of combative situation.

Communication: Excellent oral, writing, and listening skills.

Computer: Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.

Language: Bilingual or multilingual a plus.