Entitlements Coordinator (Intake and Tenant Relations), Property Management

Overall responsibilities:

Under the general direction of the department Director, the Entitlements Coordinator is responsible for acting as a resource for both clients and staff to inform them of the various city, state and federal entitlement programs; performing annual lease renewals and re-certifications; performs related duties.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Reviewing housing applications and making initial eligibility determinations for applicants referred by the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) and other government agencies.

·         Making eligibility determinations, processing applications, and developing and maintaining waiting lists for low-income housing.

·         Coordinating intake and move-in processes, including scheduling intake interviews and move-ins; inputting appointments and updates into the FOOTHOLD/AWARDS system; preparing initial lease and move-in documents; coordinating room readiness with maintenance staff;  and conducting orientation for new tenants.

·         Assisting tenants with entitlements, Shelter Plus Care and section 8 applications, as well as with certifications and re-certifications.

·         Providing tenants and clients with information and direction in acquiring and maintaining entitlements with city, state and federal entitlement programs.

·         Providing up to date information about city, state and federal entitlement programs to the Director, building management, clinical and counseling staff, and property management staff.

·         Entering, maintaining, and updating rent account data in the agency’s property management software.

·         Tracking, processing, and analyzing rent and rent subsidy payments.

·         Acting as Liaison to agency’s Fiscal Office, as well as with local representatives of city, state and federal entitlements programs, including Social Security, Medicaid and HUD.

·         Serving as Liaison to city housing placement specialist.

·         Tracking vacancies, processing data, generating monthly rent statements, and preparing and submitting reports.

·         Investigating and resolving tenant issues and disputes.

·         Facilitate and coordinate tenant satisfaction assessments, including development of surveys and other tools.

·         Coordinating and assisting with lease renewals, compliance requirements, and grant maintenance tasks.

·         Manage tenant security deposits and vouchers, including establishing or closing security deposit accounts and redeeming vouchers.

·         Serving as primary property management contact for tenant and staff at one or more facilities.

·         Other duties as assigned by Director or supervisory staff.

Qualification Requirements:

1.      A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university; or

2.      Associate’s degree and one year of relevant experience such as working with special needs populations; or

3.      High School Diploma or GED and two years of relevant experience such as working with special needs populations.

Preferred skills: Excellent oral and written communication skills; proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Excel; knowledge of case management and property management databases, including FOOTHOLD/AWARDS and MDS; experience working on entitlements and in housing management; familiarity with LIHTC requirements.

To apply: e-mail resume and cover letter indicating position and salary requirements to: careers@projectrenewal.org   EOE