Medical Director of Psychiatric Services

Title:                                                     Medical Director of Psychiatric Services

 Program Description:

The Medical Director of Psychiatric Services reports to Chief Medical Officer and collaborates with the Medical Director for Primary Care, to provide clinical leadership in interdisciplinary care. While overseeing all psychiatric services in the Agency to ensure that agency clients have access to appropriate psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.

 Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
The essential duties of the Medical Director of Psychiatric Services include but are not limited to the following activities


·         Ensures clinical supervision of all psychiatric staff including psychiatrists, nurse practitioners

·         Ensures participation of psychiatric providers in clinical meetings at each program

·         Provides clinical support.  This may be provided directly or delegated to program psychiatric staff

·         Provides direct psychiatric care at one or more programs as indicated by overall service needs


·         Ensures the availability of adequate psychiatric staffing to provide clinical care throughout the system, and to meet the regulatory requirements of individual programs

·         Recruits all psychiatric staff including psychiatrists, nurse practitioners

·         In collaboration with Administrator for Psychiatric Services and Human Resources department, ensures the appropriate credentialing and performance review of all psychiatric staff

·         In collaboration with Human Resources, develops and maintains job descriptions for all psychiatric staff including psychiatrists, nurse practitioners

·         Directly supervises, or delegates supervision, of all Agency psychiatric staff including psychiatrists, and  psychiatric nurse practitioners

·         Provides collaborative practice agreement and review of cases for psychiatric nurse practitioners working at Project Renewal, or delegates to other staff psychiatrists

·         Provides for ongoing staff development and in-service training

·         Coordinates agency-wide psychiatry department meetings to improve communication and coordination across sites, and to disseminate practice standards and policies

·         Identifies/delegates psychiatric leadership within each program

·         Oversees placement of trainees in the psychiatric disciplines (including fellows, residents, medical students, nurse practitioner students)

 Quality Assurance

·         Assures the quality of treatment and related services provided by the Agency's professional staff, through, participation (directly or by designee) in the Agency's ongoing quality assurance and audit processes

·         Develops policies and procedures for psychiatric services in each program

·         Ensures that psychiatric practice meets regulatory standards of each program

·         Ensures that psychiatric care is appropriately documented in the medical record

·         Participates in development of electronic record to ensure that clinical material is appropriately documented and privacy maintained

·         Collaborates with Directors of Mental Health, Addiction Services, and Quality Assurance and with the Director of Primary Care Clinics to develop agency-wide clinical policies and procedures.

·         Participates in agency-wide Quality Assurance processes, including Incident Review meetings and Grievance Committee

·         Collaborates with senior management and clinical staff in the Agency’s development of a clinically relevant outcome evaluation process


Program Development

·         Collaborates with senior management and clinical staff to identify, initiate and pursue program development; a and in identifying and pursuing Agency research areas


·         Provides liaison to regulatory agencies, academic institutions, and to other medical/service agencies when appropriate


·         Medical Doctor Degree

·         Board Certified psychiatrist

·         New York State medical license and registration

·         BLS Certification

·         Supervisory/management experience preferred

·         Experience working with community services, homeless adults preferred

·         Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

·         Strong team orientation


To apply: e-mail resume with cover letter indicating position and salary requirements: