Entitlements Coordinator, 185th Street Shelter

The Entitlements Coordinator provides on-going assistance to residents in obtaining and maintaining all entitlements.

Required Credentials:

Bachelor's Degree or HS Diploma, with a minimum of five years' experience as an Entitlements Coordinator.

Required Experience:

One year experience working with homeless young adults, preferably those who identify as part of the LGBTQ community. Spanish-speaking preferred; familiarity with Social Security and Public Assistance programs, including Medicaid and SNAP.

Basic Job Functions:

Interview and assess each resident's to ascertain eligibility for entitlements and insurance

Advocacy for residents in obtaining entitlements

Coordinate and follow up on referrals to entitlements programs

Provide education about public assistance and other entitlements programs

Develop and maintain data base of referral resources

Other duties as assigned

To apply: e-mail resume and cover letter, indicating position and salary requirements to: careers@projectrenewal.org EOE