Project Renewal was founded in 1967 on the revolutionary principle that addiction was a health issue, not a crime. At the Third Street Men’s Shelter, we opened New York City’s first detoxification clinic, now called The Crisis Center, offering medical treatment and a bed, instead of a jail cell.

A year later at Third Street, realizing these men needed ongoing support, we launched The Recovery Center, the nation’s first outpatient clinic for homeless adults struggling with addiction. At the same site in 2007 we started The Detox, New York City’s first non-hospital medical detox clinic for homeless adults.

Today the scope of services we provide under one roof is unmatched by any other agency in the city. Clients who achieve sobriety at The Crisis Center or The Detox – or elsewhere – can access group and individual therapy at The Recovery Center to help them recover from addiction and prepare for the next step on their path to renewal.

Data: 79% of those completing our detox treatment accept referrals to further treatment.

Client Story: Vincent


Substance use disorder has overshadowed much of Vincent’s life. To support his addiction, he sold drugs, then got caught, and went to prison. On parole, he feared relapsing into a cycle of addiction and incarceration. He found hope when a friend referred him to Project Renewal.

Today, Vincent’s therapy at The Recovery Center helps him stay away from his old habits and cope with post-traumatic stress that lingers from his time in prison. With newfound optimism, he enrolled in culinary school and hopes to work as a cook. “The Recovery Center gave me a golden opportunity and I’m going to take advantage of it,” he says.