How New York State is saving money and homeless people

Want to learn more about how Medicaid is going to help homeless New Yorkers AND save tax payer's money? 

For the idea in brief, read below, or check out this report from the Center for Health Care Strategies and the Corporation for Supportive Housing. 

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The Affordable Care Act redesigned the systems that deliver healthcare to the highest users of Medicaid—often homeless adults with chronic illnesses and serious mental illness that cause frequent emergency room visits.

But many of those men and women are unclear of how to access care now. For example,  41% of our shelter residents are eligible for Health Homes.

A Health Home is a network of caregivers that work in collaboration with one another to help men and women with chronic health conditions and serious mental illnesses.

This coordinated approach to healthcare is designed to improve health outcomes for the highest need patients and reduce costs for taxpayers.

We now have two staff members who work as Health Home Coordinators. By accessing a single network of caregivers, our Health Home Coordinators can refer homeless adults to every service they need – from an eye exam to mental health treatment.

Through participating in the Health Homes program, we’re making healthcare even more accessible for the homeless men and women who need it most.