"Aha!" Moments

Jewel at right with CATP student Marisol working during class

Jewel at right with CATP student Marisol working during class

Jewel John started in November as an instructor with the Culinary Arts Training Program. Though she has no formal training in social work, her experience learning leadership training with The Landmark Forum helps her identify the key pieces needed to move her students towards success in the classroom. "I make sure they get there right on time, and if a student comes in even a minute late we talk about what that does for the class as a whole, and how that could impact them in their future jobs." Jewel shared with me her best moment on the job:

The thing I love most about this job is the aha! moment. When something just really clicks for the students. Like when they figured out pasta. They just didn't get how pasta was pasta--I said there is such a difference with fresh pasta but they said there is no differences--pasta is just pasta.

I made roll the dough for like 30 minutes and they were so tired and complaining. Then we used the KitchenAid attachment to roll it out and we rolled it longer and longer and the wheels started turning. Then the real moment came when we put it through the pasta cutter and they said look look!! We have noodles!!

It was like magic!


We had a great turnout at our Culinary Arts Training Program graduation last Friday!

So many friends and families came to support the men and women who have worked faithfully and diligently to reclaim hope for their lives. Check out these great photos of the event.

catp feb grad collage.jpg