Expert View: What did you miss today at #Data4Humans ?

Many thanks to everyone who attended the event this morning organized by Patrick Germain, Project Renewal's Director of Strategy & Evaluation and also President of NYCE.

Below find the event info, the Storify feed from the Twitter conversation, and (soon!) the transcript of the event.



Event Info:

Information and Technology in Human Services: 
Who's at the Table and How We Can Work Together More Effectively

Cosponsored by the New York Consortium of Evaluators (NYCE) 
NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

Ivy Pool – Executive Director, HHS Connect at the NYC Mayor’s Office of Operations
Marlowe Greenberg - Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Foothold Technology
Brad Dudding – Chief Operating Officer, Center for Employment Opportunity
Derek Coursen, Director of Planning & Informatics at Public Health Solutions

Patrick Germain, Director of Strategy & Evaluation, Project Renewal and President of the New York Consortium of Evaluators

Overview: Different groups of stakeholders in the human service sector (nonprofit leaders, policy makers, government funders, philanthropic funders, evaluators, service delivery staff, clients, etc.) understand the role of information, data, and technology in the human services sector in different ways. Lack of coordination among these various players leads to very concrete challenges in the development of information systems. Nonprofits have a lot of potential in using data and technology in new and innovative ways, but they often struggle with the most mundane challenges of data management, basic technology support, and meeting the requirements of government and philanthropic funders.  Government agencies have their own set of complicating factors as well.  How can the human services sector push past these basic challenges to benefit from the great potential that data and modern technology hold? The panelists will discuss these challenges with an eye towards solutions that are relevant for both individual organizations/projects as well as the human services sector as a whole.

Transcript of the event will be posted shortly.