ScanVan Receives $306,000, Plus a Story from our ScanVan Staff


We are excited to announce that our ScanVan, the nation's first mobile mammography clinic, has received $306,000 in funding from the New York City Council!

We would like to thank NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and Councilmember Lander for their support in making this possible.

Early detection is critical when it comes to surviving breast cancer. Our ScanVan provides potentially life-saving mammograms to approximately 4,500 low-income, uninsured, or underinsured patients each year, stopping at over 200 locations throughout the five boroughs.

A Story from Our ScanVan Staff:

An uninsured 38 year old woman called our office concerned because she thought she felt a lump in her breast. She came to the Scan Van the next day. Her mammogram revealed microcalcifications (calcium deposits) in the right breast, and our radiologist acted quickly to schedule free diagnostic exams and an appointment for a core biopsy. The test revealed that she had breast cancer. We arranged a consultation with a surgeon at Sloan Kettering and a second opinion from NYU Cancer Center. Both recommended a mastectomy.

She had a mastectomy at Sloan Kettering in March and has begun the reconstruction process. She is so appreciative to all involved for giving her the resources and care that she needed. 

Read more about the ScanVan here.