ScanVan Helps Naomi Fight Breast Cancer

When Naomi, 41, found a lump in her breast this spring, she knew she needed to get it checked out. She didn’t have insurance, so her doctor advised she go to the ScanVan, where we provide comprehensive screenings and treatment referrals for communities in need, including uninsured, poorly insured, immigrant, homeless, and low-income women.

The day after her mammogram, Naomi received a call from the ScanVan—the lump was malignant. The diagnosis is frightening, but Naomi is thankful it was caught in its early stages. “If it weren’t for the ScanVan, I would have waited to get a mammogram,” says Naomi. “The van changed my life.”


Today, Naomi is bravely confronting the physical and emotional effects of breast cancer. She is grateful for the ScanVan team’s compassion, and for swiftly helping her access the best treatment. “They helped me navigate Medicaid and figure out who to call to push the process forward,” recalls Naomi. “Project Renewal and the ScanVan connected me to amazing doctors who are helping me fight this.”

“Our staff takes pride in helping patients through complicated and overwhelming systems, taking some burden off of the women we serve during a very stressful time in their lives,” says Mary Solomon. “We are so glad we were able to connect Naomi to a great team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.”