News: Project Renewal Changes Lives! Parole Support and Treatment Program Graduates Share their Stories

Parole Support and Treatment Graduates Move Into Housing

When men with a criminal history try to turn their lives around, often the doors to permanent housing are shut to them.

We came alongside the men in our Parole Support and Treatment Program (PSTP) and secured permanent housing for 20 of our graduates.

Some comments from the clients in the graduate program:

Raymond J:

One of my greatest accomplishments has been decorating my new apartment. I can definitely call it home. Dealing with my anger through groups and being aware of my triggers has allowed me to live independently in the community.

Thank you Project Renewal.

Ivan B.

Having my own apartment has been a great experience for me. After having a roommate for some time, I really feel more independent. I am able to shop for myself and come home to my own place. Thanks to Project Renewal.

Frank C.

I am so grateful Project Renewal reached out to me while I was incarcerated at Sing Sing Correctional Facility. In my life I have experienced many great things, and one of those has been Project Renewal. I am very excited about having my own apartment in the Bronx and being able to work on “my music”. Even recently diagnosed with cancer, I remain grateful for this wonderful life that I have and for the opportunity that Project Renewal has given me.

Michael K.

What I remember is that Project Renewal has always been there for me. Helping me with budgeting, and encouraging me to take my medication. Now I know why!

Having my own apartment in the Bronx I am able to do these things independently. I have a checking account with direct deposit, my own computer and some nice things in my apartment. It beats being in jail!

Thanks Project Renewal.

Warren E.

It’s like living a normal life. I used to struggle with certain things in my life, but not anymore the Project Renewal staff are always there to help me and I am glad to say things have gotten better.

Thanks Project Renewal.

Carmelo R.

It’s the freedom that I feel when I enter my apartment each day. Not having a roommate means I can cook at any time without any interruptions. Having my own apartment has allowed me to work on my personal goals. I have completed an internship with Howie T Harp and because of that, I am working as a peer specialist. This program works if you work it. Thanks Project Renewal!

E. Taylor/Case Manager

As the Graduates of PSTP made their comments. I felt proud of the accomplishments and delighted to have been a part of their milestones. In a years’ time I have witnessed improved health, financial independence, family unification, community stability, and most of all a sense of pride that shines in each Graduate. Continued Success Guys!

D. Lindsey/Housing Counselor

I would like to thank all of the Graduates for allowing me to be a part of your ongoing success. Just being able to assist and encourage you all makes my Job meaningful and for that I am grateful. Rock on.

R.. Blocker/Program Director

I am very proud to lead the teams that were the conduits of our residents successful outcomes. I am still hoping for the day that all Project Renewal clients who put in the hard work toward positive change in their lives, have an appropriate place to call home.

You guys are certainly our role models, Continued success in your journeys.

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