Spotlight on Excellence: Wendell Evans, Case Manager, In Homes Now

As a Case Manager with In Homes Now, Wendell Evans always strives to provide clients with the highest level of care. Mr. Evans intuitively knows what clients need, defining the “client-centered approach” of Project Renewal’s mission. His innovations in services are expressed in both patient and intuitive interactions with clients—knowing where to find them, how to reach them, and what is needed to take them to the next step, as well as strategic know-how to creatively achieve the goals of the “Housing-First” ethos of the program.

Wendell is known for going “above and beyond,” connecting with clients despite scheduling conflicts, language barriers, and missed meetings. Through tailoring his work to each client’s needs, Wendell is able to reach clients who would otherwise resist help. He re-engaged a client who had abandoned his apartment to return to the streets, and that client is currently housed and committed to the program.

Wendell is “tremendous” at working with outside providers, his “experience in the substance abuse treatment field has left him with numerous contacts in various treatment programs” and allows him to make easy referrals.

In addition to his creative thinking, Wendell demonstrates a commitment to improving his own work. He grasps the complexity of the “housing-first” model and can apply his creative thinking to engineering new solutions that reach those hardest to serve.