The challenges of working with high-risk homeless adults lead to low job retention rates among shelter aides. Meanwhile, lack of income is a major barrier to independence for formerly homeless individuals. We tackle both of these problems with our innovative Next Step Internship Program (NSIP).

NSIP provides on-the-job training for unemployed men and women interested in homeless services work. After intensive vocational and life skills classes, participants complete a six-week paid internship at a shelter. Successful interns are given a priority for competitive employment at their internship site and receive follow-up support services. Since many of our interns have overcome homelessness themselves, they are uniquely qualified to help and inspire the shelter residents they serve.


  • 86% of NSIP graduates are placed in jobs.

  • 73% of those placed are still employed after one year.

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Client Story: Janie


When Janie was laid off, she spent nearly a year looking for work before she found NSIP. “I had never thought about working at a homeless shelter, but I’ve always been good at working with people, so I thought I could do it,” she recalls.

Janie excelled in NSIP classes, learning how to set boundaries with shelter residents and resolve conflicts. Upon completing her successful internship at our Third Street Men’s Shelter, she was hired full-time and within four months she earned a promotion to Senior Residential Aide. “My life has improved since I got his job,” she says. “Now I can take care of my bills and other responsibilities.”