Project Renewal’s Occupational Therapy (OT) team aims to help each individual gain the highest possible degree of functional independence in daily life in order to thrive in their community with a sense of dignity and belonging.

Integrated Occupational Therapy clinical services, including assessment and evaluation, treatment planning, home modifications, individual treatment sessions, therapeutic groups, and community outings, are provided at 13 Project Renewal sites. The Occupational Therapy department is continuing to grow and develop new programs in order to serve as many clients as possible.

Occupational Therapy staff and Masters-level OT interns help clients to develop and strengthen the skills necessary to perform activities of daily living, including hygiene, self-care, and safety awareness; cooking and nutrition; social interaction and communication; home management, leisure participation, and community navigation; time management; and sobriety attainment and maintenance. Treatments are tailored to the needs of each client, and these supports helps people overcome challenges on the road to independent living.

Client Story: Lee


For much of his life, Lee has had to do things on his own. Estranged from his family, the 72-year-old formerly homeless man has lived at Project Renewal’s Geffner House since 2000. With his physical and mental health declining, Lee became increasingly unable to care for himself – and increasingly isolated.

That’s changed, thanks to Occupational Therapy at Project Renewal. Now, with new wellness monitoring technology in his apartment, Lee feels safer. He participates in occupational therapy groups where he learns life skills, like how to make healthy choices when shopping. Best of all, he has made friends with his fellow residents at OT classes and social activities. “I like the groups because they teach me things I can do for myself, and I get to meet other people,” Lee says.