Parolees with mental illness face enormous daily challenges, including coping with the symptoms of their illness, reestablishing fractured relationships, and securing stable housing. In 2002, we developed a first-of-its-kind program called Parole Support and Treatment Program (PSTP) to meet the unique needs of this high-risk population.

PSTP staff work with former inmates from the moment they are released from prison, helping them with counseling, mental health and substance abuse services, life skills training, peer support, crisis intervention, and housing placement. Through our continuum of services, these individuals are empowered to successfully integrate back into society. 

Data: 89% of PSTP clients who complete the program move into permanent housing.

Client Story: Roosevelt


With a history of substance abuse and mental illness, Roosevelt was stuck in a cycle of incarceration and hospitalization. While in prison, Roosevelt heard about PSTP. “I thought if I could get to Project Renewal, I could turn my life around,” he says.

Upon his release, Roosevelt moved into a PSTP transitional apartment. His case manager helped him access public assistance benefits, and connected him with counseling and career services. The PSTP team worked with him throughout his parole, modifying his treatment to help him maintain his sobriety. “I’ve wasted so many years, but Project Renewal gave me the courage to believe I could be a productive citizen,” he says.