The first critical step towards independence is an income.  That's why Project Renewal incorporates job counseling into every aspect of our programming.  In our residences and recovery programs, our clients are connected to employment services that match their needs. Our Next Step Employment Program provides comprehensive job preparation and placement in living wage jobs. Our vocational training programs offer on-the-job experience in growing industries including food services, organic farm to table sales and municipal maintenance.  

Our dedication to renewing the lives of highest need New Yorkers through stable work is demonstrated by our hiring practices: over 50% of our staff is comprised of former Project Renewal clients or graduates of similar programs.  


In the Culinary Arts program I cooked. They give you tests. You learn about temperature, about how long to cook this meat or chicken. I took baking too. I wanted to learn everything from Project Renewal!

I studied for 9 months. Then they hired me at American Express. Later I talked to Chef Anthony and I said, “I want to work for Project Renewal.” They didn’t have anything at the moment, but one day Barbara Hughes called and told me I could start working here. I feel good when I cook. I feel even better when I say that I work for Project Renewal!
— Yaraliz González
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