Intensive Case Manager, Safe Transition and Empowerment Program


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                 Safe Transition & Empowerment Program

                              JOB DESCRIPTION

Title: Intensive Case Manager

Overall Responsibilities

Job duties generally require the physical activities described below, subject to any necessary reasonable accommodation due to disability. Under the general direction of either the Senior Case Manager or the Senior Housing Counselor, The Intensive Case Manager is responsible for assessing clients to determine what is needed to stabilize them, and working with them to create an Individual case management Plan to address these needs, so they can learn to live independently, acquire appropriate housing to enable them to return to the community; performs related work.

Specific duties and responsibilities  

Conducts assessments of clients entering the program, assists them in getting entitlements and benefits, and in collaboration with the clients, develop their Independent Service Plans.

Reviews the progress with the Independent Service Plans every 3 months, and after 6 months works on the housing plan.

Visits each client at least four (4) times each month to see if he/she is adhering to the goals in the Individual Case Management Plan as well as adjusting to their living arrangements.

Inputs contact information regarding each client into the CAIRS and IMA systems, making sure that all notes are done by the end of the month.

Monitors clients to ensure that they are doing well in managing their affairs such as attending programs, staying on their medication plan, managing their budgets, keeping scheduled appointments, not showing any signs of relapsing, and taking action to move to the next level of the Service Plan.

As appropriate, identifies issues and liaisons with the Housing Counselors to resolve them.

Participates in weekly meetings with the entire staff of PSTP to discuss the status of each client in the program. 

Attends weekly and monthly meetings scheduled with the clients.   

Education Requirements

High School Diploma or GED plus experience as outlined in item 2 below


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