Building Manager, Fort Washington

Organization Description:

Project Renewal is a non-profit organization with the mission of ending the cycle of homelessness by empowering men and women struggling with addiction and/or mental illness to rebuild their lives with renewed health, homes, and jobs.

Title:                      Building Manager

Program:             Fort Washington Men’s Shelter

Program Description:

Fort Washington Men’s Shelter is an emergency men's shelter which helps 200 individuals with Mental Health and Substance Abuse histories work towards health, sobriety, and, ultimately, permanent housing and employment. In addition to lodging and three meals a day, clients receive comprehensive case management with the assistance of an on-site rehabilitation team, Social Services Case Managers, primary health care and dentistry.

Overall Responsibilities:

Under the general direction of the Shelter Director, with wide latitude for independent action and decision making, the Building Manager is responsible for directing the custodial staff in performing all repair and maintenance work in the interior and, as needed, exterior of the building, ensuring that all building equipment is functioning properly to provide a safe, clean, sanitary and code compliant facility for clients and staff; coordinating the performance and completion of any capital improvement projects with appropriate staff; performs related work.

Building Manager- Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The essential duties of the Building Manager include but are not limited to the following activities:

  • Supervises and directs the custodial staff to perform daily tasks in response to work requests from staff and clients. Routinely notifies shelter supervisors of any technical work requiring the assistance of the staff from the Central facilities Department

  • Provides on-site training to custodial staff to enable them to properly perform a myriad of tasks, including cleaning, mopping, and waxing floors, doing garbage removal in accord with the established schedule, adhering to the recycling program, sweeping and dusting designated areas, cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, dormitories/sleeping areas, painting and doing other minor repair work.

  • Ensures that staff is maintaining the condition of the building exterior by performing such tasks as sweeping the front entrance, wiping anything from the walls, doing snow removal and, when necessary, salting of the side walk and pathways, and other appropriate areas.

  • Conducts weekly custodial staff meetings.

  • Maintains liaison with service and maintenance contractors and representatives from outside agencies including the Fire Department, Department of Homeless Services, and the Office of Temporary Disability Assistance.

  • Coordinates the completion of all work to be done in the shelter in anticipation of the thorough inspection conducted semi-annually by the advocacy group, Coalition for the Homeless, as well as the annual inspection executed by Facility Maintenance and Development (FMD) staff from the Department of Homeless Services (DHS).

  • Oversees the proper functioning of the building's boiler, ensuring that any needed repairs are completed as quickly as possible and that six month inspections are performed and recorded.

  • Monitors the use of the technical contracts that have been issued for selected repair and maintenance work, utilizing these when emergencies occur, especially plumbing and electrical situations.

  • Ensures that any repair work being done by outside contractors is monitored by shelter staff and inspected prior to being accepted and processed for payment.

  • Prepares requisitions for supplies and equipment and maintains an adequate inventory so staff can have needed goods and materials to perform requested work.

  • Routinely checks all areas of the shelter to prevent the issuance of any violations from city or state agencies.

  • Completes corrective action plans for all building/maintenance inspection citations issued against the shelter.

  • Performs all other duties assigned by the Shelter Director.

  • Available to respond to emergencies on a 24/7/365 basis, especially after normal work hours and on weekends.

Physical Activities

Job duties generally require the physical activities descried below, subject to any necessary reasonable accommodation due to disability. While performing the duties of this position, the Building Manager must walk up 5 steps to enter the facility, and while inside must be able to go up 26 steps on Staircase A, 21 steps up Staircase B, and up 24 steps on Staircase C.  The Building Manager must be able to lift up to 50 pounds, or over 50 pounds using a hand truck, to stand and/or be in motion for a 7-hour shift, and to climb, descend, and work on a ladder of 6-12 feet in height.  The Building Manager is required to walk and tour the facility including assist with routine inspections of the facility which sometimes will include the exterior façade as well as the roof.

Education Requirements:

1. Bachelor of the Arts Degree and experience as detailed in item 1 below; or

2. High school or GED plus experience as detailed in item #2 below.

Experience Requirements:

1. A minimum of four (4) years of progressively responsible experience working in building maintenance, repair, and management, including at least one (1) year experience supervising maintenance or custodial workers.

2. A minimum of six (6) years of progressively responsible experience working in building maintenance, repair and management, including one (1) year experience supervising maintenance or custodial workers.

Preferred skills:

Team Building:      Ability to work with staff to enhance their skills; ability to foster, through demonstration, a team spirit, enabling   staff to overcome the challenges of providing needed services to a special client population.

Organizational:     The ability to assess work requests, creates order of priorities, and assigns work to staff and monitor its timely completion.

Communication:   Demonstrates excellent oral, written, and listening skills.

Interpersonal:       An ability to interact with clients as well as all levels of staff.

Compute:               Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, especially e-mail, WORD, and EXCEL.

Language:             Bilingual or multilingual a plus.

Certificates and Credentials:

Fire Guard certification F-02 or Fire Safety Coordinator F-80

Boiler license

Certificate for Sprinkler System, S-12




To apply, submit your resume with a cover letter indicating position and salary requirements to: