Quality Assurance Supervisor

Title:                                      Quality Assurance Supervisor

Program:                              The Program Evaluation and Quality Assurance (PEQA) Department


Program Description:

The Program Evaluation and Quality Assurance (PEQA) Department designs, implements, and manages PRI’s systems of performance measurement and management, quality assurance, and quality improvement.  PEQA’s objective is to enhance the agency’s ability to achieve its mission by developing and facilitating processes that measurably improve the quality and effectiveness of our services and operations, and to support agency leadership in managing towards high performance.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
The essential duties of the Quality Assurance Supervisor include but are not limited to the following activities


This position reports to the Director of PEQA.  An essential member of the PEQA team, the supervisor’s duties include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

·         Supervise and mentor a team of Quality Analysts

·         Manage processes such as case record review, utilization review, annual client satisfaction surveys and program self-review;

·         Review and report outcomes of reviews to program leaders

·         Support program readiness for external audits and monitor progress on corrective actions;

·         Manage and lead internal systems for incident reporting, investigation, review and incident data tracking

·         Serve as primary investigator and agency liaison with the NYS Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs

·         Train program staff/supervisors in conducting internal quality assurance processes and incident investigations

·         Partner with program staff to implement targeted improvement efforts

·         Design new systems, enhance current systems used to assess the quality of services in the agency’s programs

·         Perform a variety of data management, analysis, and visualization projects in order to support the department’s mission

·         Other duties and responsibilities as assigned



In addition to a commitment to the mission of Project Renewal and passion for facilitating processes that lead to high quality services for our clients

·         Master’s degree in social work or related field, or Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of three years’ experience in human services, quality assurance, or related field

·         One year’s supervisory experience preferred

·         Experience working with adults with mental health and/or substance use issues, in homeless shelters or supportive housing

·         Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills

·         Proficient in Microsoft Excel and other tools for data collection and analysis


To apply: e-mail resume with cover letter indicating position and salary requirements: careers@projectrenewal.org