Women Like Luisa Need Your Help

Before becoming homeless, Luisa encountered the same joys and struggles that fill the lives of many New Yorkers. As single mother to two wonderful children, she made just enough as a nursing assistant to get by.

But after losing her home, Luisa was forced to live out of a suitcase at a motel. With hope running low, she became severely depressed. Then came the biggest blow: she had to give up her kids, who went to live with their father.

By donating today, you will help renew the lives of homeless New Yorkers like Luisa.

When Luisa first came to New Providence, Project Renewal’s shelter for women with mental illness or substance abuse issues, she was skeptical. “I thought they just gave you a bed,” she says. “But it’s not just a shelter. Everyone knows your name. They take care of your health too, and push you to achieve your goals.”

Today, Luisa looks to the future with hope again.  She wants a job and her own apartment so she can get her kids back. Ultimately, she wants to become a nurse.

“Funny, what I miss most is getting them to go to bed, telling them to turn the TV down. Those are the kinds of little things I miss most.”

Your end of year gift will help reclaim hope for New Yorkers in need.